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20 August 1991
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umm my name is Angelea and I go to leavitt...I play guitar and love to be outdoors (as you could probably tell by my interests) i am an animal lover, and im a vegetarian. i am sort of religous ig, i try to go to church often and stuff like that. I'm currently in a band for the church tht i go to, i play guitar (kinda obvious lol)..i like to write songs/poetry for the heck of it, i actually like writing period b/c i find tht i sound a lot smarter when i write rather than when i talk lol. onto music, i cant live without it and i listen to it 24/7 actually im listening to it right now haha. umm i have very good freinds, which i can act like a total dork around. once i turn 17, im planning on enlisting in the military. not quite sure which branch (army or airforce) but i have 2 years to think about tht lol.